Stop the Stink !!


With TRIPLE ACTION PLUS Odor Controller, Freshener, and

Deep Cleaner;  More Effective Than Nature’s Miracle






Nature’s Distributors TRIPLE ACTION PLUS is a technologically advanced odor controller and cleaner formulated for use on hard surfaces and carpets. TRIPLE ACTION PLUS combines:

A unique chemical formulation for immediate odor control

The long lasting, deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology

Eliminates the source of the odor so it cannot return


The chemistry binds odor-causing molecules for immediate odor control, and biotechnology targets odorous compounds for degradation and elimination. The naturally occurring microbes in TRIPLE ACTION PLUS then degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

Organic residues -+ C02 + H20

The combined effect makes TRIPLE ACTION PLUS an effective, safe and environmentally friendly odor controller.

TRIPLE ACTION PLUS also contains sophisticated, non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for carpet and upholstery stain removal.

TRIPLE ACTION PLUS has demonstrated effective control of all major classes of malodorous compounds


Bacteria Specification: 200 billion/gal
Bacteria Type: Blend of Bacillus Spores
pH Range: 7.5 – 8.5
Appearance: No color added
Fragrance:    Fresh and pleasing
Stability: 2 years + at 35° to 95°F (2° – 35°C)

The effective temperature range for the use of TAP is 50 – 105°F

TAP data sheet 2
TAP data sheet 1