CEDAR-AL Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Concentrate & Deodorizer


Mother Nature’s Non-Toxic Bug Repellent Since 1985


Ingredients: no harsh chemicals: only specialized emulsifiers and chelates and Northwestern Red Cedar Oil


CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo contains specialized emulsifiers and chelates to remove even the most tenacious soils and stains.  CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is safe for all carpet and upholstery machines (Hoover, Bissell, Commercial, etc) .  Aids in reducing hard water build-up with regular use. AND is the best natural non-toxic pest control ! Enjoy the clean woodsy aroma while ridding yourself and your animals of these pests naturally and safely.  CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo Steam Cleaning Concentrate was designed for use in all types of hot water extraction equipment. There are no harsh chemicals which can wear or corrode expensive parts. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is safe for all types of carpets and upholstery. Because it is  pH neutral, it is safe for expensive wools and silks. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo contains no catatonics and is safe for use on stain resistant carpets. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is very powerful and effective in removing many stubborn stains from carpet and upholstery fibers. It is mild (pH 9 in concentrate). The high dilution ratio combined with the low meter settings considerably reduces the use-solution cost per gallon. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is the best value in time savings, economy and effectiveness of cleaning.

Our twelve ounce bottle contains the ONLY and finest blend of cedar oil and carpet shampoo available!

Use in combination with our CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Spray and Shampoo to give you, your family, your home and your pets a pest free environment.




Get ready for visitors with CEDAR-AL !



  • Spray the house with cedar spray (smells like fresh cut trees while destroying dust mite eggs)

  • Wash the dog with our cedar pet shampoo

  • Wash the carpet with our cedar carpet shampoo

  • Freshen the house with our TAP

  • Give cedar as a gift to use year round !