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Use these products in combination to give you and your pets a pest free environment!


Stop The Bite AND Stop The Itch ! ! !

With the Original CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Spray  AND

CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Pet Shampoo & Deodorizer

Our CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Spray and Pet Shampoo are natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. They won’t stain or fade clothing or materials and are not harmful to your skin. Do insects make you or your dog, goat, cattle, horse or cat scratch?  Stop the itch with CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Spray and Pet Shampoo. Our products are made exclusively from Pacific Northwest Red Cedars. Our shampoo has a natural exotic essence, pure, gentle Castile Soap scented with Pacific Northwestern Red Cedar oil to keep your pet’s coat shiny, fresh smelling, clean and flea-free. When fleas, mosquitoes, moths, spiders, bees, carpet beetles, ants, mites and other pests detect the aroma of CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Spray , they instinctively know that cedar is not a safe environment for their eggs and they simply leave. Your dogs, cats and horses are instinctively drawn to the natural pest control of the exotic essence to rid themselves of pests naturally and safely; bio-degradable, and less expensive than “Frontline & Advantage.” It is the best natural non-toxic pest control. Enjoy the clean woodsy aroma while ridding yourself and your animals of these pests naturally and safely.
The 8 fl. oz. bottle contains the finest cedar oil available and The 12 fl oz. bottle contains the finest pet shampoo available !



Stop the Infestation !!

With CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo Steam Cleaning Concentrate

CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo contains specialized emulsifiers and chelates to remove even the most tenacious soils and stains.  CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is safe for all carpet and upholstery machines (Hoover, Bissell, Commercial, etc) . Aids in reducing hard water build-up with regular use. AND is the best natural non-toxic pest control ! Enjoy the clean woodsy aroma while ridding yourself and your animals of these pests naturally and safely.
Our Carpet Shampoo is concentrated. A 12 oz bottle will last a long while.
(Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo contains cedar oil)


Stop the Stink !!

With TRIPLE ACTION PLUS Deep Cleans,  and Deodorizes,  Freshens;  More Effective Than Nature’s Miracle

Triple Action Plus will help remove the smell and the stain caused by organic waste whether from urine, feces or vomit also sewage backups and toilet odors.  Highly effective cleaner with human or pet waste, oil, grease and fats or proteins but still safe for your rugs, carpets or sofas and sure to give relief for your dog or cat urine odors. See our website for instructions on how to use Triple Action Plus!
(Triple Action Plus  DOES NOT contain cedar oil)