Cedar-Al Cedar Oil Spray

Our most popular product, CEDAR-AL Spray, is obtained from the steam distillation of Northwestern Red Cedar wood.  The oil extracted from the wood is different from the oil extracted from cedar leaves which are mostly used for medicinal and fragrance purposes.

Our oil is distilled from protected Northwestern Red Cedar trees. We use only fallen or damaged trees and that is why our product is expensive compared to some. Our primary ingredient is Thuja plicata, found in Northwestern Red Cedar trees (see link below). Thuja plicata is Mother Nature’s answer to chasing away those pesky fleas, moths and other pests. Northwestern Red Cedar trees are abundant, found in both swamps and very dry regions because the deep penetrating roots.

This is a must have for any home to protect against pests and is safe for family and pets!

Cedar-Al Cedar Oil

Cedar-Al Pet Shampoo And Deodorizer

Do insects make you or your dog, horse or cat scratch?   Stop the itch with CEDAR-AL Shampoo!   Our shampoo has a natural exotic essence, pure, gentle Castile Soap, to soothe dry itchy skin, and scented with Pacific Northwestern Red Cedar oil to keep your pet’s coat shiny, fresh smelling, clean and flea-free; natural, non-toxic, bio-degradable, and less expensive than “Frontline and Advantage.”    Enjoy the clean woodsy aroma while ridding yourself and your animals of these pests naturally and safely.

Cedar-Al Cedar Oil

Cedar-Al Carpet Shampoo

CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo contains specialized emulsifiers and chelates to remove even the most tenacious soils and stains.  CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is safe for all carpet and upholstery machines (Hoover, Bissell, Commercial, etc) .  CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo Steam Cleaning Concentrate was designed for use in all types of hot water extraction equipment. There are no harsh chemicals which can wear or corrode expensive parts. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is safe for all types of carpets and upholstery.  CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is very powerful and effective in removing many stubborn stains from carpet and upholstery fibers.

Cedar-Al Cedar Oil

Triple Action Plus

Nature’s Distributors TRIPLE ACTION PLUS is a technologically advanced odor controller and cleaner formulated for use on hard surfaces and carpets. TRIPLE ACTION PLUS combines:

  • A unique chemical formulation for immediate odor control
  • The long lasting, deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology
  • Eliminates the source of the odor so it cannot return

The chemistry binds odor-causing molecules for immediate odor control, and biotechnology targets odorous compounds for degradation and elimination. The naturally occurring microbes in TRIPLE ACTION PLUS then degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.