Scent eliminator, insect repellent

Pre Hunting Instructions (Campers will benefit from these preparations as well)

Please follow instructions for application and follow precautions in our How To Use article.

The most important thing for hunters is to remember is to minimize the smells of sweat, food and campfire smoke on your person.

•   Washing hunting clothing and storing all hunting related garments is the key to success!
Wash one full set of clothing (outer garments such as coats, hats, etc. as well as undergarments such as socks, underwear, etc), gloves, head nets, hats and bath towels (to use to wrap your clothes in and to use after your “scent-free” shower), with a non-scented soap and 3oz of CEDAR-AL cedar oil. Your unscented laundry detergent should be phosphate-free and contain no UV brighteners (scent free products and no phos or UV brighteners do not apply for campers, instead use regular detergent along with 3 oz of cedar oil)

After washing the clothes, dry them in a conventional dryer with an unscented dryer sheet lightly sprayed with cedar oil.

•    Once the clothes are dry, in a ventilated area, thoroughly spray the CEDAR-AL cedar oil on each article of your hunting clothing and on enough clean towels to wrap your clothes in, remember to save one for your shower.  Tightly wrap all of your hunting clothes in the towels and then place them in a multi-layered storage bag that will not let any foreign odors in. Campers, store your prepared cedar clothes in a plastic bag. Properly cleaned boots should also be stored with your clean hunting clothing.  Before you pack them, be sure to spray your boots inside and out with CEDAR-AL cedar oil and put a cloth sprayed with CEDAR-AL cedar oil inside each boot to mask any foot odor. (Good general rule for campers)

Keep your hunting clothes in the bag until you reach your hunting location.This will help eliminate the transfer of any vehicle odors to your hunting clothes.

(Campers, don your cedar attire just before dusk and rub down with more cedar oil, sleep in your cedar clothes and then in the morning retreat them with the cedar oil and pack them back in the plastic for the next night. )

Do not wear scent-free hunting boots for anything but hunting. Stepping in an oil spot, or wearing them around the house, will give the boot soles and uppers odors that shouldn’t go into the field!

•    Next, Bathe your dog with the CEDAR-AL cedar oil pet shampoo toward off insects and mask their scent. First wet fur with warm water, apply the shampoo, lather the fur, making sure the suds penetrate to the skin. Keep soap away from eyes, mouth, and nose. Shampoo the entire body, legs, and feet. Let stand for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

* Wait until your dog is thoroughly dry, and then spray them lightly with the CEDAR-AL cedar oil in a well-ventilated area, being careful of the eyes, mouth, and nose. Rub the oil into the fur down to the skin of the entire body, legs, and feet.Repeat every two weeks or as necessary for best pest control.



Please follow instructions for application in our How To Use article and follow precautions.

•    And finally, you now must make your body scent-free. You should use a scent-free soap.  After your shower, remember to use your scent-free cedar oil sprayed towel to dry off with. Once dry, do not use any perfumed deodorant or aftershaves.

As you dress, layer your clothing—first long underwear, spraying down with CEDAR-AL cedar oil etc.

•    When you’ve reached your hunting location and are far enough away from vehicle exhaust and campfires change into your hunting clothes. Remember to spray down each layer with CEDAR-AL cedar oil. If you don’t like tics, don’t forget to spray your socks!  You should then apply a cover scent to match your hunting environment.

*Remember to take your CEDAR-AL cedar oil before going into the field and to reapply throughout the day.

*When refueling your hunting vehicle, wear gloves. Gas pump handles are saturated with odors that can be passed onto the steering wheel.
By following these steps, you can get into and stay in your hunting area without being detected. You will see more game and you will never have to worry about wind direction again.

Remember!  Whenever possible, you want to minimize the smells of sweat, food and campfire smoke on your person.

Big Rack Bucks and Black Bears are that way for a reason!  You can fool their eyes and ears, but you must fool his nose to fool him!

Good Luck To All! Happy Hunting! Be Safe!

* Washing hunting clothes is as important as hunting the game itself to be successful.  So after your successful  hunting trip with CEDAR-AL, repeat the washing, drying, and storing steps, but this time leave the bag alone for a couple of days.  Take the hunting clothes out of the bag and put them in a second clean, seal-able

 We would love to have a photo of you, your dog, your game, and or your hunting team all in gear with a bottle of our CEDAR-AL in the photo. Please send your photo in jpeg to sales@cedaroil.com along with names of those in the photo and any comments you would like to add.  The photos will be displayed in our gallery section.

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