If it crawls, CEDAR-AL


Stop the YEAR ROUND Invasion of ANY insect


How To Use

CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Spray and Pet Shampoo



Like most medicines and chemicals, keep out of reach of children.

Continue treating your pets and your home year round with CEDAR-AL cedar oil products to keep them pest free.

If you have pets living in your home, you may need to rid your home of fleas occasionally. Please read our infestation article for information about treating for fleas as well as other articles for how to address specific insect infestations.

  • Bathe your horse, dog, cat, or wash your own hair with our CEDAR-AL cedar oil pet shampoo to ward off insects.
    • First wet hair or fur with warm water, and with a small amount of the shampoo, lather the hair or fur, making sure the suds penetrate to the skin. Keep soap away from eyes, mouth, and nose. For animals, shampoo the entire body, legs, and feet. Let stand for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.  For humans repeat as necessary; for animals repeat every two weeks or as necessary.
      • If your horses roll all over after you bathe them with other shampoos, try our CEDAR-AL cedar oil pet shampoo and they will not dirty themselves after their shower.
  • For kitties, we recommend that you ONLY use our cedar pet shampoo on them and then treat the house with the cedar oil spray. Please read why in our safety information section.

After bathing your horse, dog, goat or cattle and they are thoroughly dry;

  • Spray them lightly with the CEDAR-AL cedar oil in a well-ventilated area, being careful of the eyes, mouth, and nose. Rub the oil into the fur down to the skin of the entire body, legs, and feet. Repeat every two weeks or as necessary.


DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY INTO EYES, NOSE AND EARS, especially with horses to keep flies and mosquitoes away, use your fingers to carefully tap CEDAR-AL cedar oil around the eyes, nose and ears area.

  • Lastly, refresh your pets sleeping area and keep insects from them and you, by spraying your bed, your car, barn and/or anywhere else your pets hangs out with CEDAR-AL cedar oil.

NOTE: CEDAR-AL cedar oil spray works to prevent fly-strike on dogs’ ears. Put a small amount of cedar oil on a cloth and wipe their ears down, as we don’t want to spray the oil in the doggie’s face, and do this as often as needed.  —Recommended by Jack from California “Please do this — it works great!!”

NOTE: Although cedar oil doesn’t keep biting horse flies away from horses, with regular us of a combination of CEDAR-AL pet shampoo and cedar oil, it will keep them to a minimum as well as provide tick control. –Recommended by Persephone from Nashville



In preparation for planned hiking trips or outdoor activities to keep fleas, ticks, bees, mosquitoes, chiggers, flies and other insects away.

  • Allergic to bees or mosquitoes? Wash your hair with a cedar oil based shampoo to ward off pesky insects and mask your human scent if you are a hunter, follow further instructions here. Wait until thoroughly dry, and then spray yourself lightly with CEDAR-AL cedar oil in a well-ventilated area, being careful of the eyes, mouth, and nose. Read more for camping use suggestions here.
  • Next, rub the oil onto your skin, holding your breath and closing your eyes, mist over the top of your head, and spray your clothing lightly, thoroughly spraying socks and shoes for outdoor activities where biting insects are present. Repeat every 8 hours or as necessary.

If irritation develops on skin, discontinue use.

DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY INTO EYES, NOSE AND EARS, especially with horses to keep flies and mosquitoes away, use your fingers to carefully tap CEDAR-AL cedar oil around the eyes, nose and ears area.

Like most medicines and chemicals, keep out of reach of children.

General Use:


These are just some of the many ways our customers have shared how they use our products. Please contact us if you would like to add a suggestion. Transferring the cedar oil to a larger spray container, found at the dollar store, or a pump sprayer, will make applications over large areas easier and will make the cedar oil go a lot further.

The first control strategy for all insects is to modify the area surrounding a house.

For a specific insect problem, please refer to one of the articles listed in the category section on our home page.

Because insects come into homes from outdoors, a barrier with CEDAR-AL cedar oil should be applied around all of the doors and windows, the outside of the walls and perimeter of your property and the foundation underneath your home and out buildings. If you have any untreated wooden walls or floors, you can “paint” the cedar oil on these areas. Because rain and weather will affect the spray barrier, it will need to be re-applied every six months or as necessary.

  • Treat the outer perimeter of your home: Because insects come into homes from outdoors, a barrier with CEDAR-AL cedar oil should be applied around all of the doors and windows, the outside of the walls and perimeter of your property, the foundation underneath your home and out buildings, under porches, in attics and crawlspaces. (If you have any untreated wooden walls or floors, you can “paint” the cedar oil on these areas with a clean paint or roller brush.)
    • With a three gallon sprayer, apply the cedar oil undiluted with a panning movement (left to right) walking fast (make sure to wear a breathing mask and goggles, please read the safety information article here
  • Treat the inside of your home: Since flea bombs only kill live fleas and don’t destroy flea eggs, during the cold and winter months keep insects out, mainly SPIDERS, by spraying CEDAR-AL cedar oil along the molding, on carpets, doorways, around windows, and anywhere inside of your house, being sure to ventilate when using CEDAR-AL cedar oil.

Reapply every other month or as needed.  After the third time you will only have to do it every four months as the product will start penetrating the wood or insulation and pests will never want to be near there.  You should be able to notice a difference right away, most noticeable in about a month.

  • Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil in shoes left in the foyer or mud room. Always shake out shoes, clothing, and equipment left outside prior to use.
  • Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil around kitchen garbage pails.
  • Keep the dust mites and bed bugs OUT of your bed by spraying your pillows and bedding with CEDAR-AL cedar oil. Note: anything with down feathers in it encourages dust mites; it’s their second source of food besides you!
  • Wash items in the washing machine that will fit and are machine washable such as bedding, furniture covers, throw pillows, stuffed toys, and rugs and add about 3 oz of CEDAR-AL cedar oil to the detergent. Items that can be dried in an electric dryer should be as the heat will kill any survivors.
  • Spray cedar oil on a strip of cloth and drop it in the dryer when drying the clothes or air-fluffing them for added benefit.
  • Spray items such as furniture and large stuffed animals that you cannot shampoo or launder with the cedar oil.
  • Refresh your Christmas tree and spray around the house with CEDAR-AL cedar oil to make everything smell festive. (turn the lights on the tree off first ) Be sure to spray the guests beds too.
  • Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil on the tablecloth before you set the table when having barbeques, picnics, or dining outside to keep bees and mosquitoes away while you enjoy your meal. Using a clean paint brush, “Paint” any untreated wood around the eating area with cedar oil for added protection.
  • Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil in your pantry to keep bugs and moths away.
  • Since insect eggs can harbor in your carpet, it’s important to address your carpeting as well. Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil on your vacuum bags and carpeting throughout the season. See how to use our carpet shampoo below.
  • Refresh your cat’s litter boxes by spraying CEDAR-AL cedar oil on or around the cat’s litter area.
  • Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil in wood boxes to eliminate mold and bad smell and in your cedar chest to keep the fresh aroma and the moths away.
  • Before storing clothes away for the summer or winter, to keep moths and other pests away from them and to prevent them from becoming musty smelling, spray the clothes directly with CEDAR-AL cedar oil or spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil on a strip of cloth and drop it in the dryer when drying the clothes or air-fluffing them prior to packing them away.
  • For added protection in your closets, soak blocks of cedar or pine cones with our cedar oil, dry, and then hang them in your closets, or pack them in your cedar chest or Rubbermaid container with your winter woolens.
  • Use as an air freshener, spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil in the car or anywhere else for a nice woodsy scent.
  • If you will be treating your lawn with CEDAR-AL cedar spray and using an irrigation system, mix 4 oz of our cedar oil per 1000 feet to your solution tank per month to keep fleas, stink bugs and other insects away and to destroy insect eggs. If you will be using a pump lawn sprayer and applying it directly, dilute the cedar oil, 3 oz to 1 gallon water. Because there are different types of grass, we suggest that before applying it you test a small area first. Please note, it is not recommended to spray plants or flowers directly with the cedar spray.

How To Use


SHAKE WELL Prior to use

All natural TRIPLE ACTION PLUS is safer to use around you and your family than chemical air fresheners and carpet spot treatments.

Because TRIPLE ACTION PLUS’ technologically advanced synergistic blend of 200 billion adapted organisms will settle to the bottom of your bottle in between each use, it is VERY IMPORTANT to shake your bottle well before EACH use for the product to do its job effectively.

TRIPLE ACTION PLUS’s unique formula gives you power and versatility beyond other products.  And it’s easy to use. Shake well before each use and then just point and spray TRIPLE ACTION PLUS on any water safe fabric where there is an odor or stain problem, not into the air, for complete odor control and stain removal.

Because TRIPLE ACTION PLUS kills odor causing bacteria on contact, spray directly into the cat litter box and the surrounding area for immediate odor relief.

Keep a bottle by the commode and spray directly into the toilet and the surrounding area for instant freshness.

Freshen your home naturally. Do you have doggy odor in your home? Do your pets sit their butts on your furniture? Lightly spray your furniture, carpets, drapes, pet beds etc with TRIPLE ACTION PLUS for complete odor control.

For most spills including beverages, pet stains, hairballs, vomit, urine, and other wet spills, first blot excess fluid, wet the area with TRIPLE ACTION PLUS, and allow to stand. Blot the stain with paper towels and reapply only if necessary. **

When cleaning your carpets, in addition to your cleaning solution, add 4 oz. of TRIPLE ACTION PLUS to the clean water tank of your carpet cleaning machine. If after running the cleaning machine you find a hard to clean spot, follow the directions above, using a soft bristle brush carefully brush the spot, and then run the machine over it again.

Don’t have time to clean right away? Not a problem, TRIPLE ACTION PLUS will clean and deodorize on its own! Spray over stain thoroughly and leave it alone. Special ingredients actually consume the spill or stain and leave a clean, fresh scent. No residues to re soil, just water and carbon dioxide, just like your breath. It is fast, simple and safe for use around children, pets and plants.  Use on any washable fabric or surface.

If your cats are having a turf war and marking territory, ie your furniture, bedding, etc., first clean the furniture with our TRIPLE ACTION PLUS, making sure to sop up as much of the urine as possible ** and launder what can be removed adding an ounce of the TAP to the wash, and then spray the area until saturated with the TRIPLE ACTION PLUS, letting it completely dry. When dry, spray the area with cedar oil spray, trust us, they won’t revisit that spot.

To remove fresh stains with biological spills, ie blood, breast milk, spit up, etc from clothing, first, pretreat the spill with TRIPLE ACTION PLUS, then add an ounce of the TAP to the laundry and wash as usual.

Don’t just mask odors, eliminate them at their source (and take the stains with it)

Like most medicines and chemicals, keep out of reach of children.

TRIPLE ACTION PLUS does not contain cedar oil.


How To Use

CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo:



Do Not Oversaturate, use only recommended amount as oversaturating will cause carpeting to re soil faster.

To obtain the best results, vacuum the carpet or upholstery thoroughly to remove all loose dirt particles. For spot cleaning use our Triple Action Plus.

The approximate square footage 4 oz of our carpet shampoo, depending on the size of the cleaning machine you will use, see usage instructions below, will cover is 400 – 500 square feet or a LDH (living room, dining room, hallway).

It all depends upon how much the operator of the cleaning machine uses when they are cleaning. There are 12 oz in 1 bottle of our carpet shampoo, or enough for 4 applications when used with a machine with a 5 gallon tank.

We suggest not to over saturate your rug when cleaning as, with any kind of rug cleaning solution, it will leave a buildup resulting in re-soiling of your carpets faster. If you find that a heavy traffic area didn’t come quit as clean as you like the first time around, wait the minimum of one full day the best would be a week and then clean the area for a second time.

Please keep in mind that cleaning and treating your carpets with our cedar oil is only part of the battle. For best pest control we recommend to bathe your pets with our cedar oil pet shampoo and treat your home with our cedar oil spray year round, please read more about these products, the benefits of each (listed under each product) and how to use them, listed above.

For best results use an anti-foam emulsion to control excess sudsing. Put the anti-foam emulsion in the RECOVERY TANK not in with the cleaning solution. Always remove any remaining solution from equipment, clean and flush complete system with clear water. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals or alkalis which may leave deposits in your expensive equipment. CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo is biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Fill your carpet shampooer with CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo following your portable extractor machine, Hoover, Bissell, Commercial, etc, manufacture instructions. Fill the water reservoir as usual.

PORTABLE EXTRACTORS: (Hoover, Bissell, Commercial, etc.)
Mix 2-4 ounces, depending on the amount of cleaning required, of CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo with 5 gallons of hot or cold water, OR for heavy cleaning and smaller cleaning tanks, add 2.5 ounces to 1 Gallon of water OR 1.25 ounces to a 1/2 Gallon of water, etc . If extractor is adjustable, set meter to lower quarter. Most machines will have to be set very low. If the metered CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo solution is still too rich at your lowest setting, dilute, again with an equal part of water. Repeat adjustments until optimum cleaning results are obtained.

To make a working concentrate:  Add 1 quart of CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo to 5 gallons of warm water. Adjust flow meter to the lower quarter of the range and test the cleaning ability. One quart should make approximately 450 gallons of working solution. Adjust meter until satisfied with cleaning results.

Hydraforce, high pressure: Add 12 ounces per gallon of water.
Hydraforce, low pressure: Add 8 ounces per gallon of water.

Open your windows, turn on fans, and point them into the rooms you have shampooed so the carpet can dry faster and the concentrated cedar oil can ventilate. If you cannot open the windows, use fans and a dehumidifier. Please read Safety Study to understand why this step is important.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly once it has dried completely overlapping each pass with the vacuum by at least two-inches.