Did you know, Scorpions can survive up to three years without water, and 5 years without food?

And that they can gain access to your home via cracks no thicker than a dime?

Did you know, a sting from an adolescent scorpion is more dangerous than an adult because they do not regulate the amount of venom as well?

Did you know, Scorpions are territorial and will return to their territory if possible?

Did you know there is a natural solution to ridding yourself of these dangerous pests?

Did you know, CEDAR-AL Cedar oil works on spiders and therefore will work on scorpions because they are both arachnids?

Although CEDAR-AL cedar oil is not an insecticide, it will destroy ALL insect eggs before they hatch. Cedar oil dissolves insect eggs and larvae, interrupting the egg layer cycle thereby eliminating the next generation of insects. If you have an initial infestation, and because Scorpion removal and extermination can be difficult, we recommend hiring a professional extermination service to assist. And then use CEDAR-AL cedar oil in addition to the tips below to keep them from coming back.

Keeping your home and yard clean of debris is the first step towards scorpion control. Piles of firewood, boards, loose debris, rocks and other items create a habitat for the scorpion to live and hide.

CEDAR-AL cedar oil can be used to keep down the bug population in your home and/or around the perimeter of your foundation. Since scorpions feed on bugs, this will help control and reduce the amount of available food to the scorpion.

The University of Arizona’s Scorpions publication provides the following public service information (see box below):

Scorpions are difficult to control with insecticides alone. Therefore, the first control strategy is to modify the area surrounding a house.

•    Remove all trash, logs, boards, stones, bricks and other objects from around the home.

•    Keep grass closely mowed near the home. Prune bushes and overhanging tree branches away from the house. Tree branches can provide a path to the roof for scorpions.

•    Store garbage containers in a frame that allows them to rest above ground level.

•    Never bring firewood inside the house unless it is placed directly on the fire.

•    Install weather-stripping around loose fitting doors and windows (including the garage door).

•    Plug weep holes in brick veneer homes with steel wool, pieces of nylon scouring pad or small squares of screen wire.

•    Spray CEDAR-AL cedar oil along the base of all walls.

•    Open all doors leading outside and spray the jam

•    Using a rag, apply CEDAR-AL cedar oil around all windows that open

•    It is vital that you find all cracks and openings in your walls and spray those as well.

•    Examine all pipes, cabinet overhangs, and interiors (you’d be surprised what the contractors leave unfinished).

•    Caulk around roof eaves, pipes and any other cracks into the home.

•    Keep window screens in good repair. Make sure they fit tightly in the window frame.

•    Wear protective clothing such as shoes or gloves when working outdoors

•    Check shoes; shake out clothing and equipment left outside prior to use.

•    Do not over look your garage as this tends to be a primary location where scorpions gain access into your home via entering the walls, A/C ducts, or via the garage access door.