If you have pets living in your home, you may need to rid your home of fleas occasionally. Have you ever walked into your living room and suddenly had your ankles covered in biting fleas? That is how you know that a flea infestation has gotten out of hand in your carpet. You may be tempted to throw the pets outside forever. Before you do try these simple steps to rid your home of fleas and prevent a future flea infestation.

(These cleaning methods can be used for any minor insect infestation or prevention of one. The steps listed below are to be followed for any minor insect infestation, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, spiders, etc, or prevention of one. A major infestation will, unfortunately, require a full chemical treatment but then a natural preventative solution, as listed below, can be used thereafter. Be sure to treat your pets as well as they are another vessel by which insects find their way into your home.)

Please also see our how to use page for further tips and for treating your pets as well.

A flea infestation should be treated promptly because they can carry parasites such as tape worms. It is also advised to talk to your veterinarian after the home is rid of fleas about worming your pets.

  • Vacuum the entire area thoroughly. If you have an attachment for vacuuming corners, edges, and crevices use it.
  •  Fill your carpet shampooer with CEDAR-AL Cedar Oil Carpet Shampoo following your portable extractor machine, Hoover, Bissell, Commercial, etc, manufacture instructions. Fill the water reservoir as usual.
  •  Shampoo the carpets with the shampooer set on the normal to heavy setting. Make sure you overlap each pass with the shampooer at least two inches so you do not miss any areas. If your shampooer has an attachment for edges, use it. If it does not you may want to put some of this mixture into a bucket and scrub these areas with a utility-type brush.
  •  Open your windows, turn on fans, and point them into the rooms you have shampooed so the carpet can dry faster and the concentrated cedar oil can ventilate. If you cannot open the windows, use fans and a dehumidifier.
  •   Spray your vacuum bag with CEDAR-AL cedar oil if your vacuum has a vacuum bag. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly once it has dried completely overlapping each pass with the vacuum by at least two-inches.
  •  Wash items in the washing machine that will fit and are machine washable such as bedding, furniture covers, throw pillows, stuffed toys, and rugs and add about 3 oz of CEDAR-AL cedar oil to the detergent. Items that can be dried in an electric dryer should be as the heat will kill any survivors. Spray cedar oil on a strip of cloth and drop it in the dryer when drying the clothes or air-fluffing them for added benefit.
  • Spray items such as furniture and large stuffed animals that you cannot shampoo or launder with the cedar oil and mist anything you did not shampoo or launder.