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Welcome to the home of CEDAR-AL products. We are a family-based business since 1985. You may remember our products sold at Eddie Bauer before they switched to an outfitter store. The same product you love and remember is sold here and in several retail stores, see the store listings in the menu section. Our mission has always been to provide natural and environmentally safe products. We pride ourselves in that we give customers another choice, a safer alternative,  rather than one with long term risks  in comparison to systemic risky topical flea treatments and DEET products.

Our most popular product is CEDAR-AL Spray which is obtained from the steam distillation of Northwestern Red Cedar wood. The oil extracted from the wood is different from the oil extracted from cedar leaves which are mostly used for medicinal and fragrance purposes. Our oil is distilled from protected Northwestern Red Cedar trees. We use only fallen or damaged trees and that is why our product is expensive compared to some. Our primary ingredient is Thuja plicata, found in Northwestern Red Cedar trees (see link below). Thuja plicata is Mother Nature’s answer to chasing away those pesky fleas, moths and other pests. Northwestern Red Cedar trees are abundant, found in both swamps and very dry regions because the deep penetrating roots.


How it Works:


Cedar works in six ways:
  1. Death by osmotic dehydration
  2. Neutralization of bodily fluids, e.g., de-acidification
  3. Encapsulation and/or emulsification of bodily fats
  4. Prevention of breathing by irritating the respiratory system and forcing the insect to avoid breathing
  5. Pheromonal interference that interrupts and attacks the octopamine neuroreceptors, crucial for neurotransmitter’s regulation of metabolism, movement, feeding, reproduction and behavior
  6. Dissolving insects’ eggs, larvae, pupae, eroding exoskeleton and cuticle, promoting rapid metamorphosis by elevating enzymatic levels and thus causing premature death.
When termites and other wood pests are exposed to CEDAR-AL cedar oil the aroma of the cedar oil overwhelms their breathing system and triggers a suicide response—the spiracles (breathing pores) close and cannot re-open. The cedar oil dissolves the insect eggs and larvae, eliminating the next generation, while the aroma of cedar disrupts pheromone signals and creates a barrier of entry to newly arriving pests.
Unlike pesticides that have to be digested or touched, cedar oil only needs to permeate in order to eliminate an insect. This works very well with pheromone-driven insects that need to follow a “chemical trail” in order to complete tasks. Insects like bees, wasps, butterflies and other non-pheromone-driven insects will simply stay away from this aroma.
Our products do not contain acetone thus they have the pleasant aroma of natural cedar. If there is any concern about Phenols in our product, let us reassure you when the cedar oil is extracted from the cedar tree it is screened, tested, refined and purified. It is then further diluted with distilled water for the cedar oil, you won’t find that process anywhere else, so that it stays in liquid form, no additives or chemicals are added, any more pure it would be in a petrified state, the cedar oil is further blended with the natural ingredients for our pet shampoo. Overall, our drinking water has more phenol than any trace amount, parts per millions per millions, if there were, in our products. Our products are colorless making it safe to use on most products.
Do you or your pet scratch? Has your cedar chest lost its scent? Check out our CEDAR-AL products for almost every need in your home, for your pets, and for any outdoor activities.


CEDAR-AL history:


Back in the early 80’s Glen Orr was taking a leisurely lunch break in a lumber yard when he saw a deer rolling in a pile of cedar chips. Curious, he asked his boss if he knew why the deer was doing this. He learned that deer instinctively know that cedar keeps off tics and fleas off, and are known to roll on fallen cedar trees for this reason.
Glen set about extracting cedar oil from the Northwestern Red Cedar tree by putting shavings into a steam distiller made from an old hot water heater. He worked closely with a chemist from a lab in Seattle to blend the extracted oil with water to make it safe to use on humans and pets, while keeping it strong enough to be an effective natural bug repellant. The chemist also blended the cedar oil in a natural baby shampoo formula and it became as popular as the cedar oil. In 1985 CEDAR-AL, Scandinavian for cedar oil, was born. The same lumber yard and laboratory still work together to provide CEDAR-AL customers with the same cedar oil they have come to love.
Eddie Bauer stocked CEDAR-AL cedar oil and pet shampoo on every shelf of every one of their stores for over a decade, until they discontinued most of their outdoor items to become a clothier instead. Glen Orr walked off into the woods never to be heard from again. His partner, Roberto Martinez was left holding the remnants of Glen’s dream.
CEDAR-AL remained dormant until 2005 when Roberto met, fell in love, and married Elise Crawford. With her children nearly grown, she gladly hung up her nurse’s cap and worked alongside Roberto to nurture CEDAR-AL back to life. Since then, a new label was created for CEDAR-AL, two new products have come on board, cedar oil carpet shampoo and an enzyme cleaner, Triple Action Plus, and an online store was created. When a photo of the original label was posted on the website, former Eddie Bauer customers flocked to the website, so relieved that CEDAR-AL wasn’t lost to them forever.



Roberto and Elise
Roberto and Elise